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firstname = Jarod Hoo email = jjtuition@hotmail.com Contact: = 86547932  Age: = 25  Location: = Jurong West  Qualification: = Diploma  Experience: = 5 years experience. Subjects preferably Maths. 

Message: = Available from Sunday to Tuesday 3.30pm onwards for P1 to Sec 4 any subjects. P1 to P3 ($15/hr), P4 to P6 ($20/hr), Sec 1 to Sec 2 ($25/hr) and Sec 3 to Sec 5 ($30/hr). 

firstname = Clara Mok email = mokjho@gmail.com Contact: = 94740027 Age: = 40 Location: = Upper Thomson Qualification: = Degree with Honours Experience: = Specialise in English writing Secondary English and Maths. Primary English and Science Message: =

firstname = Cheng Yen Loo email = Yanru_89@hotmail.sg Contact: = 91658581 Age: = 24 Location: = East Qualification: = Diploma Experience: = 3 years in primary level all subjects Message: =

firstname = Cheng Yen Loo  email = Yanru_89@hotmail.sg  Contact: = 91658581  Age: = 24  Location: = East  Qualification: = Diploma   Experience: = 3 years in primary level all subjects   Message: = 

firstname = Yu She  email = yusheshe@gmail.com  Contact: = 90272910  Age: = 21  Location: = Jalan Bahagia (Balestier)  Qualification: = Diploma  Experience: = 1 year  Message: = I have tutored 3 primary school students before on Mathematics, English and Chinese Language respectively. Chinese is my best subject but I make Math lessons more interesting. Patience for kids is my strongest attribute, especially for slow learning kids.

firstname = Sagethya email = sagethya.raama@yahoo.com Contact: = 97433550 Age: = 20 Location: = Yio Chu Kang Qualification: = undergrad. A level cert. Experience: = I have been tutoring for the past 2 years. Message: =

firstname = Nuraishah Binte Yusoff email = aishah.90@gmail.com Contact: = 97394128 Age: = 23 Location: = Yishun (anywhere in the north side) Qualification: = Diploma in Education Experience: = Taught one year in a primary school. Currently in Diploma in Education teaching general subject (English, Maths and Science) Message: = Would not mind any subject for tutoring

firstname = June email = peridotcrystal76@gmail.com Contact: = 98759621 Age: = 37 Location: = Sembawang New Town Qualification: = B.A English with Psychology Experience: = K1-P2 Chinese K2- P5 English P3- P4 Science Message: = I'm only able to teach within Sembawang. Many thanks.

firstname = Ong Ve' Joy email = vejoyie@hotmail.com Contact: = 93373143 Age: = 27 Location: = Sengkang Qualification: = MOE Teacher Experience: = 5 years tuition experience Message: = Preferably staying in Compassvale (Sengkang)or Edgefield (Punggol) area

firstname = Ng Hui Ting Jennifer email = jenniferng14@gmail.com Contact: = 97434975 Age: = 28 Location: = Sengkang Qualification: = Degree Holder Experience: = 10 years Part Time Tutor, 3 years Full Time. Specializes in Mathematics for Primary Sch levels. Message: = Am currently a full time tutor, students mostly from P4-P6. Have 2 P3 students at the moment. Do let me know if you need any other details.

firstname = Serene Chua email = serenecgl@gmail.com Contact: = 84847198 Age: = 40 Location: = jurong Qualification: = Diploma in Electronics NYP and Advance Diploma in IT Experience: = more than 15years of teaching experience as a full time tutor Message: = Teaching English, Maths and Science for all primary levels. Maths and Science for all secondary levels.

firstname = Mrs Ang email = Contact: = 97301268 Age: = 45 Location: = Tiong Bahru Qualification: = B. Degree of engeering Experience: = 7 yrs of tutoring of primary school children Message: = tutoring mainly Primary School Science, esp preparing P6 for PSLE

firstname = Tam Shuyi  email = shuyi_buz@hotmail.com  Contact: = 90219567  Age: = 31  Location: = West  Qualification: = Post-grad (NIE)  Experience: = Has been teaching in a primary school for the last four and a half years.   Message: = Prefer upper primary EMS 

firstname = mrs sally lim email = mymanyactivity@gmail.com Contact: = 94522873 Age: = mid 40 Location: = central, south Qualification: = bach of sci degree Experience: = I have many years experience in giving tuition to primary and secondary students on one-to-one and /or group basis. Personal coaching/guidance and close monitoring of their progress /development, to build up / strengthen students' foundation, and to sharpen their mind/skills in creative thinking and problem solving, with the ultimate aim of achieving improvement and good results in students' academic and personal development. Message: =

firstname = Mdm Nalayani .M email = vanitycreations10@gmail.com Contact: = 90013873 Age: = 27 Location: = Choa chu kang Qualification: = Diploma in education (NIE) Experience: = Current sch teacher : princess Elizabeth primary sch 7 years of teaching experience 10 years of tutoring experience 4 yrs of teacxhing experience in SINDA Currently working at Walter education centre also Message: = Subjects : English, maths , science , tamil Levels : preschool, primary and secondary

firstname = rekha email = rekhapandi@gmail.com Contact: = 97297605 Age: = 32 Location: = admiralty singapore Qualification: = B.E Experience: = 2 yrs experience in teaching P4 , 1 year experience in teaching sec 2 science. Message: = I would look forward for assignments, thank you

firstname = Rachel email = ho.ruoting@gmail.com Contact: = 91290827 Age: = 23 Location: = jurong east Qualification: = NTU bachelor in accountancy Experience: = p2-p6 EMS Message: =

firstname = Sharon Lim email = sharon_kte@yahoo.com.sg Contact: = 97863899 Age: = 23 Location: = Singapore Qualification: = Bachelor of Science Experience: = 5 years of part time tutoring and 1.5 years of full time experience. My teaching subjects includes maths and sciences from Primary level up to college level. Taught over 35 students over past years and currently I have 15 students (8 of them are taking their PSLE, o levels and a levels this year) Message: =

firstname = Seh Lindan email = lindanseh@yahoo.com.au Contact: = 92951199 Age: = 48 Location: = Singapore Qualification: = O Level Experience: = 20 years of Phonics, Conversational n Foundation English, Creative Writing for both adults , teenagers n children aged 3 n above. Taught both in Centres n students' residence. Message: = Prefers location in the East or near to Mrt Stations.

firstname = Cheryl email = cheryllky@hotmail.com Contact: = 91056780 Age: = 20 Location: = Bedok Qualification: = Diploma in Business Experience: = Nil Message: = P1-P3 English Maths Chinese

firstname = Brandon Tay email = brandontayl@yahoo.com.sg Contact: = 93271165 Age: = 30 Location: = north Qualification: = Degree in Mathematics. Diploma in Education. Diploma in biotechnology. Experience: = 7 years of teaching in a school. 3 years teaching P6. Message: = Teach heuristics, higher order thinking questions.

firstname = Debbie Tan email = tanlb88@yahoo.com.sg Contact: = 91186124 Age: = 41 Location: = Chua Chu Kang Qualification: = SIM Undergraduate Experience: = I have 7 years of teaching experience. I am currently teaching Chinese in a primary school. Message: = My available time slot is Mon-Fri (evening) & Sat-Sun (Morning)

firstname = Rachel Yong email = yyyun90@hotmail.com Contact: = 90704187 Age: = 23 Location: = bedok Qualification: = degree (major in chemistry) Experience: = Have been teaching tuition since 2009. Have taught before p4 to p6 math, sec 1 to 4 e-math, sec 3 to 4 O and N level A-math, H1 Chemistry. Currently teaching sec 4 o level e-math, sec 4 N.A. a-math and sec 1 N.T. math Message: = I would like to find tuition assignment for p1 to p6 math, sec 1 to sec 4 e-math and a-math, combined chemistry. Preferrably in bedok area. Available on fri 5pm, saturday morning.

firstname = Bernice Ong email = l_catty@hotmail.com Contact: = 81467330 Age: = 46 Location: = Sengkang Qualification: = Ex teacher Experience: = 25years of tutoring experience. 6 years as sch teacher. Message: = Able to teach : P1-P6 EMSC, S1 EMSC+literature, history; S2 ESC+lit, history; S3-S4 : Eng, Chi, Lit, SS; JC : GP+Chi. Willing to travel, as long accessible by public transport.

firstname = Ng Suk Chun email = sukchun1992@hotmail.com Contact: = 97108778 Age: = 21 Location: = Qualification: = Undergraduate Experience: = Message: =

firstname = Mindy Chia email = mindy_chia92@hotmail.com Contact: = 98313393 Age: = 21 Location: = Jurong West Experience: = 4 Years tutoring experieces. Tutoring Subjects: Kindergarten Primary School: English, Mathematics & Science Lower Secondary: Mathematics Upper Secondary: Elementary Mathematics Message: = I am a very positive Tutor who will urge students to do well in their studies. I never believe in the method of scolding students or piling them with lots of assignments. I have 4 Years of tutoring experiences and currently have 2 students on hand.

firstname = HEMMA email = hemma1022@hotmail.com Contact: = 9062 0242 Age: = 23 Location: = Hougang Message: = I am tutoring since I was 18, Currently I am teaching two primary 6 students and one secondary 2 student. Familiar with current syllabus and standards. Have coached various levels from Primary 1- Secondary 2 students. I am able to bring out the best in the students, and my students have improved, and done well.

firstname = debdipa email = debdipa@gmail.com Contact: = Age: = Location: = 81057305 Message: =

firstname = Rachel email = rachellllllllll@hotmail.com Contact: = 91290846 Age: = 21 Location: = Bukit Batok Message: = primary school, preferably noon onwards    

firstname = Dennis Zhu email = zhuzhijiedennis@gmail.com Contact: = 93232754 Age: = 24 Location: = East/North East/Central Message: = Undergraduate Part Time Tutor with 5 years experience in tutoring.

firstname = leon chua email = leonified@gmail.com Contact: = 98426617 Age: = 23 Location: = toa payoh Message: = my forte is in science

firstname = Joe Yang email = joe_yang86@live.com Contact: = 84288814 Age: = 27 Location: = Tiong Bahru Message: = Hi, I am Joe and currently an adjunct poly lecturer and looking for a Tutor job for extra income. I am able to teach in PSLE and 'O' level Maths and Science subjects. With Regards Joe

firstname = Yoke Mei email = yangyimei56@gmail.com Contact: = 96915056 Age: = 33 Location: = Woodlands, Buangkok, Choa Chu Kang Message: = Hi, I am a tutor who can cover all primary subjects, and secondary English & Chinese.

firstname = Delfilia Su email = delfiliasu@hotmail.com Contact: = 91519179 Age: = 23 Location: = 113 whampoa road Message: = I have taught for over 6 years specialising in PSLE students as well as have taught gifted children and various tuition centers. I have delivered results with my students who have been with me for at least a year attaining A, A* and the worst is B. I am able to lead and guide students onto the correct path so long as they do the homework I assign to them. I ensure student will attain A/A* so long as they follow my teaching. I can give u various references of tuition centres and different parents.

firstname = Esther email = shuk_riya@hotmail.com Contact: = 96502654 Age: = 35 Location: = Kovan mrt area Message: = Hi, I am teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, E & A Maths for Sec 1-4. I have another teacher teaching English, Maths and Science for Pri 1 - 6. Both of us are grads with B.Sc Hons in Life Sciences & PhD respectively. We are located near Kovan MRT and can fetch students individually from/to Kovan MRT. Please call: 96502654

firstname = Dorinda email = dorindaloh@gmail.com Contact: = 86864885 Age: = 33+ Location: = north-east Message: = Qualified MOE Chinese language teacher

firstname = Jason email = t3leee@gmail.com Contact: = 98002229 Age: = 35 Location: = Dover Message: = I can teach Upper Pri and Secondary level English up to O levels (10+ years experience)

firstname = Delfi email = delfiliasu@hotmail.com Contact: = 91519179 Age: = 23 Location: = Central ( toa payoh) Message: = I am a dedicated and committed tutor. I have taught for over 6 years and have taught in various tuition centers. I have delivered results. I am an undergrad.

firstname = Noorjahan email = noori.j15@gmail.com Contact: = 97744286 Age: = 28 Location: = Macpherson Message: = Hi I wish to handle tutions. I m gud in maths also hav an experience as a school teacher for 2 yrs. If my criteria pls cal me bak. Thankz.




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