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5 Exam Skills Top Students Use for PSLE

"In primary school assessments, individuals tend to be motivated, and this often works to their benefit."

A learner in Singapore primary could strategize to jot down small notes before beginning to respond to any query. It can be quite annoying to do a lot of writing and then discover that you have not answered the question accordingly. However, it sometimes happens that evaluation concerns provide you with the opportunity to convey knowledge.

For long solutions, it is useful to jot down a metal framework strategy of the response before you begin. That way you can develop ideas as you go along. The strategy should be in very brief note form and should record only details you want to consist of in your response.

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In primary school assessments, individuals tend to be motivated, and this often works to their benefit. They think more clearly and quickly, and create more with complete confidence. If you experience a little nervousness before a test paper, do not worry about it. Keep in mind; it may improve your speed and agility. However, a few individuals become so nervous about assessments that their high excitement level results in poor performance.


It is essential for such individuals to figure out ways of dealing with their anxiety. One way is to manage the way you think about the assessments. If you end up thinking or saying things that point out pessimism, you should try to stop it, as it is a way of saying to yourself (or to others) I am not good at test That can easily become a self-fulfilling forecast.

Someone who is overanxious about assessments should try to think of some good ideas, such as 'I have done enough revision for my exams and assessments never cause harm to anyone. Of course, it is essential that you really have done enough modification and prepared well for the assessments.


A useful strategy is to think through or imagine what will happen during the evaluation to gain confidence over the situation. Students who pass highly in the Singaporean education system must study thoroughly to gain a sufficient understanding of concepts and the subject.

Revising the Top 10 exam papers of the previous test provides a useful understanding of how the examiners understanding the subject. Often, the same questions are repeated in the subsequent examinations, just in a bit different way. While it is obviously useful to predict questions, students should always keep in mind that their prediction could be wrong. Syllabuses and examiners change, each examiner has selections regarding the content and design of the questions.

Students must study the questions carefully and ensure they completely know what each query is asking; it is a wise decision to underline search phrases and to break the query down into individual element parts. A query might ask the primary school student to explain factors that cause climate change, simple explanation is not sufficient.


Rather, students must emphasize the resemblances and variations between the items mentioned. For questions starting with words 'explain' or 'examine', information of a subject should be formulated with illustrations, reverse illustrations, solutions (where appropriate), and a record of benefits and drawbacks. Do refer to Singapore Secondary School Ranking to set your targeted Secondary School. 

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