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If you have a problem downloading the test papers, the files may be too big for your computer or your acrobat reader is outdated, please download the latest free acrobat reader below so that you can successfully download our Test Papers.

Download the latest version of acrobat reader here.

If you still have a problem downloading the test papers, try using another computer or you can contact us by filling up the form below or drop us an email.

Those who cannot receive our test paper in the Inbox within 24 hours. Please check the Spam and Junk folder. Our admin staff will respond when available.

Please take note that only sells Test papers in Soft-copy (PDF Format). We do not sell Hard Copy. Thank you.




Here at, we strive to make sure every order is shipped and processed with the care it deserves.

If however something has not been done to your satisfaction, please fill out this form and let our customer service department know what the issue is.

Address: 50B Faber Heights, Singapore 129196.

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