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Exchange Test Paper Singapore/ Trade-In Your 2021 Test Papers

Dear members and non-members,

If you have Top School Test or Exam Papers whole set 2021 (All subjects, CA1 to SA2 with answer key), please keep them until the end of the year. You can scan and email them to us to exchange for Free 2021/ 2022 Top School Past Year Papers (1 School in exchange for 10 - 15 Schools).

Preferred test papers are Raffles Girls, Toa Nan, Nanyang, Rosyth, ACS, Ai Tong, Red Swastika, Methodist Girls, Nan Hua, Maha Bodhi, Henry Park, Pei Chun, Kong Hua, Catholic High, SCGS, P.L Methodist, CHIJ St. Nicholas, Temasek, Hokkien 5 School or Any Other Schools.

Kindly erase all handwriting and align the test papers before scanning.


Please email to account@testpaperbiz.


We will give you Free 2021 All Top Schools and subjects when you exchange the papers with us. Thank you.

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